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Jarman's Construction & Repair, Inc. has been in business since 1989. We are a versatile company providing services in many aspects of the construction industry. Our work has included steel fabrication and erection, welding, millwright, concrete, piping, grain legs, tramcos, bulk flows, crane service and plant maintenance.

We served as an in-house maintenance contractor for a local factory for over 10 years prior to them downsizing, providing them with 24 hour service.

In addition to our field work we also have a 15,400-square-foot shop where we stock a variety of steel and can do welding and fabrication work. When we begin a project, we aren't interested in simply getting the job done, but rather completing the job in a timely and professional standard. We will work with your company to develop methods to complete the work in the most cost efficient way.

  Workplace Saftey

We promote safe work ethics to the fullest and drug screen all employees. Weekly safety meetings are conducted at each job location. We believe a safe working environment is a more productive workplace; therefore, we reward our employees for maintaining an accident free record. Our goal is to keep our employees safe and to provide you with uninterrupted service.

  Partnering With You

Our superintendents are available to meet at your convenience to discuss how our company could be of service to you. Building strong and lasting relationships with our customers is our goal: so put our versatility and experience to work for you. Please consider Jarman's Construction and Repair, Inc. for your next project.

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